Chalkmarks success in London lockdown photo contest
Zoom in: Hanoi, Vietnam
What a Discovery! Life onboard a Tui cruise ship
My Best Shot: Kyoto, Japan
Tuk a ride on the Pan-American Highway
Chalkmarks picture wins The Sunday Times Big Shot competition!
When travel is the mantra
Prepare for adventure

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    Natalie is certainly a one-off, perhaps a two-off, as I swear there are two of them inside there, each full of fun and energy, brightness and wit and sharpness

    Natalie shares her escapades which features high-quality travel content delivered through fun, whimsical storytelling. Best for: Fans of quality photography should visit the blog for inspiration.

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    Volcanic sunsets in the Mediterranean: Dreaming of the Aeolian islands during lockdown

    YOU THINK you’ve seen a sunset. Until you’ve seen this volcanic sunset.

    Why Western Australia should be on your winter wish list

    WESTERN Australia is blessed with natural treasures from beaches, the world’s largest fringing reef plus cute quokka.

    On top of the lakes: How picture perfect Bulgaria snapped me a top photo prize!

    BE WARNED: it’s stunning up here. The first glimpse of Rila National Park is unbeatable.

    A tiny island not to be sniffed at!

    VULCANO! How can it look so beautiful but smell so bad?

    Golf buggies for all on Isla Mujeres!

    DON’T stop me now, I’m having such a good time, I’m on a golf buggy. I’m having a ball. Weeeeeeeeee!

    Slow down in Sardinia

    SOMETIMES you just need to sit down and do nothing for just a little while. That’s what Sardinia is for.

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