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Natalie Chalk on KSNV NBC news Las Vegas

Natalie Chalk on KSNV NBC news Las Vegas

My name is Natalie Chalk. I have been a UK journalist for 12 years now.

I’m a former news editor at MailOnline and before that I was news editor at the Daily Express – now though I’m addicted to travel. Since 2017, I have visited some 50 cities, including the Atlantic Loire, Bali, Cancun, Cozumel, Glasgow, Krakow,  PrekmurjeTartu, Stockholm,  San JosePuerto Viejo,  Isla Mujeres, , Merida,  TulumMexico CityKyotoTokyo, Seoul, Valladolid, Varna, Wallonia, and Zagreb.

I learned to burlesque in Prague and Khmer box in Cambodia. I conquered new foods, spent currencies I’d never heard of and watched TV in languages I didn’t understand. Truly what I came away having learned is that the world’s not so scary. Everywhere. People are friendly.
I have written about surfing in Norway and wandering the medieval streets of Malta for which I was nominated for the Malta Tourism Award 2014. I have also lived in Peru, Nigeria and Portugal and written for the Guardian, TNT Magazine and Express Newspapers.
My advice about travel – is to travel. Finish work, open your laptop and book a trip. It doesn’t have to be too far or expensive. In fact, don’t even worry about the destination. Just go somewhere – the next town or any new place. But Start. Explore. Have an adventure. And ever stop. You’ll have the time of your life.

Natalie is certainly a one-off, perhaps a two-off, as I swear there are two of them inside there, each full of fun and energy, brightness and wit and sharpness

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Where are you now?

Currently, in London-under-Lockdown.

What was your trip before that?

One of my last trips before lockdown in London was to Nantes, France, to report on Celebrity Cruises’ new ship The Apex, which was due to start sailing in April 2020.

I was just in Las Vegas, US, (Dec 2019), which is rebranding itself as the ultimate holiday destination filled with art galleries, top chefs at swanky restaurants, glitzy live shows, great shopping and brilliant sporting experiences. This was for the UK trade publication Travel Bulletin.

I was sea hiking in La Loire Atlantique, France, for Women’s Health Magazine.

In June 2019, I was in Krakow, Poland, and before that cycling my way around Wallonia in southern Belgium.

In early September 2018, I was in the Pomurje region in the north east of Slovenia, for the Sunday Mirror. If 99% of people head only to Ljubljana and then go on to Lake Bled, be the 1% to see Prekmurje. I ate all the food and tasted all the drinks so I can confirm it’s all amazing. They’ve meats to rival prosciutto, chocs as tasty as a Belgian bar and star wines as fine as the French. The views are jaw dropping, the orchids are top rate and then there’s the gibanica. The real secret though is the black spa water, which is found nowhere else on earth!

In August I was in Estonia. I stayed in Tallinn for more than a week visiting Haapsalau and the food festival in Tartu.

In July I visited Stockholm, Sweden, the country that’s home to H&M, Ikea, Volvo, Fika, Abba, Roxette, the Nobel Prize, Greta Garbo, Steig Larson, the late Avicii and quite a lot of Gustavs. Enter the sun, slushie beer, the World Cup and it’s pure Scandi Candy!

Before that, I was travelling around Costa Rica – I visited Puerto Viejo in the southeast and also spent a few days in the capital city San Jose.

What’s the most interesting places you’ve been to in each country?

In the Czech Republic, I took up burlesque in Prague, took a food and beer tour with Eating Europe then later switched this up for plum brandy in Moravia.

In Croatia, I visited Split where I hiked Mosor mountain, visited Omiš, watched the famous Dalmatian opera Mala Flormye, ate Soparnik and discovered the shoe brand Borovo aka Starters. I climbed Marjan Hill and sailed to five islands, seeing the Blue Cave on Biševo, the Green Cave on Raunik, stopped on Vis, swam in the freezing Adriatic from Budikovac and then ended on the sunniest island of all – Hvar . I also went to the capital Zagreb experiencing Špica, and then spent two days walking around the lakes in Plitvice. I even made the newspaper – see below!

When you travel, don’t plan so much. Hang around, eat something, walk a bit, talk to someone, it’s easy!

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Natalie Chalk is one of those people you wish you could encounter more often. She is positive, well-spoken, has a beautiful ability of seeing things around her – and she’s interested in almost everything!

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