Chalkmarks is a source of travel information and inspiration created by journalist Natalie Chalk.

We bring you the data, trends, what’s new and interview those in the industry. We also write features, contribute to other publications and even take some award-winning photos.

In 2020, Natalie was invited to take part in the 10:1 interviews with Roxhill Media (below) talking about how PRs and travel journalists can work closer together.

In 2017, was named a Top 10 UK Travel Blog.

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The interview with Roxhill Media 

What they say

Natalie is certainly a one-off, perhaps a two-off, as I swear there are two of them inside there, each full of fun and energy, brightness and wit and sharpness

Hunter Davies

Top 10 Travel Bloggers to watch in 2017
Natalie shares her escapades which features high-quality travel content delivered through fun, whimsical storytelling.
Best for: Fans of quality photography should visit the blog for inspiration.

Hands down the best coverage we’ve read

Eating Europe Tours

Natalie Chalk is one of those people you wish you could encounter more often. She is positive, well-spoken, has a beautiful ability of seeing things around her – and she’s interested in almost everything!

Tihana Marović, Slobodna Dalmacija