All my travels in one place
It’s been a long break: Dreaming of a post-Covid getaway
IT'S BEEN 13 months and seven days since I last travelled.
Swap Benidorm for Baghdad? Iraq is opening up to holidaymakers
IF YOU’RE looking for an alternative to the Costas, Iraq has relaxed its visa rules.
How Africans are enjoying a homegrown staycation boom
THE pandemic has triggered a rise in staycations for the first time across Africa.
“Don’t red list us!” Kenya urges UK to rethink travel ban on African countries
KENYA has warned the UK government about the dangers of putting African countries on its travel ban “red list”.
Why Western Australia should be on your winter wish list
WESTERN Australia is blessed with natural treasures from beaches, the world’s largest fringing reef plus cute quokka.
Missed connection: Americans will abandon Europe if borders don’t reopen
AMERICAN tourists will travel to other countries this summer if Europe doesn't reopen soon.
Revealed: Gardens bloom as lockdown’s top attractions
THE top visitor attractions of 2020 have been announced today - revealing a significant shuffle in some of the UK’s most iconic sights.
Could air corridors be here for the long-haul?
FOR foreign holidays to go ahead this year, travel corridors could come to the rescue.
Work remotely from paradise! Barbados looks to extend its welcome stamp
THE BARBADIAN government is planning to extend its Work from Paradise scheme into 2021.
The good news and possibly the best travel tips ever!
HOW FAR can we go? That brings us to our top travel tips: shake up your travel plans and have an adventure.
What will keep Chinese visitors away after the coronavirus?
THE UK is considered one of the most unsafe countries by Chinese travellers to visit.
The Great West Way blazes the trail for staycations
THE GREAT West Way route has been officially unpacked from its suitcase by Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston.
Ticket to bride! Now you can get hitched on a coach
IF YOU had to postpone your wedding last year, Barnes Coaches is allowing couples to tie the knot onboard.
On top of the lakes: How picture perfect Bulgaria snapped me a top photo prize!
BE WARNED: it’s stunning up here. The first glimpse of Rila National Park is unbeatable.
What’s the cost of the UK variant of covid-19 to tourism?
AFTER the discovery of the UK covid-19 variant, Visit Britain estimated it would put off 5.2 million visitors, costing £2.4bn.
Smart travel! The data that drives our dreams
PRESS pause. February's newsletter is a panic-free zone.
Travel will return but holidaymakers will never forget how they were treated
PASSENGERS trapped on cruise ships and tourists stuck inside hotel rooms were the image of travel in 2020.
Where can I travel to get a Covid-19 vaccine?
SHORTLY after the news that a jab could end the coronavirus pandemic, “vaccine tourism” was trending on Google.
Spain’s cautious border reopening leaves summer holidays in doubt
A TOUR operator warns it'd be devastating for holidaymakers if the Spanish government keeps its borders closed this summer.
Watch out! Tenerife named Europe’s first whale heritage site
THE CANARY Island becomes the only marine hub in Europe recognised for its responsible whale watching.
Coming into focus: The outlook for 2021
WHEW 2020 is history. Welcome to 2021. Where do we go from here?
Travel boom Britain: UK predicted to outperform Europe in 2021
TRAVEL and tourism in the UK and Germany are set to outpace the rest of Europe this summer.
Success story: What can we learn from Dubai?
WHILE European destinations remain deserted this winter, how has Dubai managed to attract thousands of visitors?
Good news for the travel industry: concerts and conferences drive up UK hotel bookings
GOOD news for the travel industry has been hard to find but figures out today show that big events are driving demand for hotel bookings in the UK.
WHO doctor is “hopping mad” with fake news and Twitter spats that have cost lives
THE World Health Organisation’s Special Envoy for COVID 19 warned many more would die because of fake news.
World’s most powerful passports in 2021
DESPITE Brexit, the UK moved up one place in the passport global rankings to 7th place today.
Here’s your Christmas Eve newsletter
2020 when more people went to Barnard Castle than made it to an airport!
Unesco serves up heritage award for Singapore’s street food culture
SINGAPORE’S hawker culture has been added to the Unesco list of global "cultural treasures".
Where we’re booking our 2021 holidays!
LISBON has been named the No.1 holiday destination for Europeans in 2021 with Dubai the most searched for city.
“Everything’s cancelled until the end of January!”Coach company boss reflects on a difficult year
“EVERYTHING'S been cancelled until the end of January,” says tour director Tim Smith from Acklams Coaches.
EU silly sausage! Hard cheese for travellers in 2021
BRITISH travellers face a ban on bringing home cheese and meat from their Continental holidays next summer.
Ireland gears up for a Brexit bonanza of UK travellers in 2021
IRELAND is expecting a “big whoosh” of British travellers in the New Year, post-Brexit and post-pandemic.
Brits abroad: Has the beach and booze reputation gone?
BRITS have long been known for their love of sun, sea and sand holidays while also enjoying a drink or two.
Will Brexit deal another blow to UK holidaymakers looking to return to their favourite hotspots in 2021?
WILL UK holidaymakers remain loyal to their favourite destinations next year or look outside the EU?
Newsletter November: Holidays wanted!
THE World Travel Market where every country in the world Zoomed in to the largest gathering of the travel industry since the pandemic began!
Follow the guide into the deadly history of Angkor Wat
I THOUGHT I’d come to Angkor Wat to see the sun rise, what I realised was that I went there to hear its story.
Postcard from Central America
WHERE do you start if you don’t know Central America? Nature and history are its DNA.
Has time been called on legendary Fleet Street pubs?
FLEET Street’s famous pubs could be “lost forever” due to Covid restriction, warns CAMRA.
Good news travels fast: Highlights from LATA Expo 2020
AS EUROPE shuts down again, Latin America is opening up!
How #safetravel can help #savetravel
THE travel industry has got it wrong. The message needs to change from save travel to safe travel.
Covid kills jumbo: BA retires its iconic 747s following worldwide downturn in travel
CRUISING through the jet stream at 650mph, the Boeing 747 has been the iconic Queen of the Skies for the last 50 years.
Unlocked: The nation’s top attractions are back
ALMOST all of Britain’s top 20 tourist attractions have reopened following months of lockdown.
What you should know about London
LONDON is one of the most popular capital cities on the planet yet it's a national hobby to dislike it.
Double bubble: couples whose weddings fell victim to lockdown are now splashing out on two honeymoons
NEWLYWEDS whose big day was curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic splurge on expensive “double honeymoons”.
Chalkmarks success in London lockdown photo contest
CUE the drum roll! Yes. It's success for Chalkmarks in the #BecauseImALondoner photo competition.
Let London be your lockdown lifesaver
WITH staycations the most reliable holiday this year, this the perfect time to visit London.
Global travel will not recover until 2022 – in the best case scenario
THE TRAVEL industry will take at least two years to get back to 2019 levels experts warn today.
Finnair flies through three years worth of refunds in three months
FINNAIR says it was hit by an unprecedented 300,000 refunds – the equivalent of three years requests in three months.
Make recovery the story! How the travel industry can win back tourists
EVERYONE wants a holiday right now and the tourism industry is desperate for the financial boost.
‘Boring spa services are over’: Health and wellness needs to shape up
THINK gin and tonic yoga! Times are changing. No longer do we want just massages, facials and nail treatments.
Holidays that heal: Super rich get ready to splash out on a wellcation after lockdown
WELLNESS retreats are tempting luxury travellers as the coronavirus lockdown eases this summer.
How hotels can put travellers anxieties to bed!
BEDS are the biggest concern for travellers when it comes to hotels reopening this summer.
Forget heading into the great outdoors: Holidaymakers are booking cruises and trips to Vegas!
SO MUCH for getting back to nature. The real holiday winners are Las Vegas and cruise companies.
Why luxury travel will be the first to recover from the coronavirus: insiders tell all …
LUXURY holidays will be the first to get booked up as they already offer socially distancing and exclusivity.
What came first the coffee or the egg?
SO WOW: this is egg coffee. I’d dropped into the legendary Café Giang in Hanoi to try this iconic brew from where it was born.
Coronavirus latest: Don’t count on a vaccine, warns top scientist
PEOPLE shouldn’t count on a coronavirus vaccine any time soon - despite what politicians say - a top scientist warns.
Government has the trust of the public for now…
DESPITE growing criticism of the Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, trust in it is as a record 20 year high.
“Essential exercise” on memorial to war dead
YOUNG couple perform hip thrusts and arm dips oblivious to the fact their makeshift gym is a national war graves memorial.
The journey to Auschwitz
YOU’D think we would’ve stepped off the bus in silence. But we didn’t. People were asking for the toilets. They wanted coffee.
If only you knew: Sicily
THIS is the largest island in the Mediterranean and the biggest region in Italy. It's also home to many of Europe’s volcanoes!