All my travels in one place
Feeling at home in Malta
By Natalie Chalk. MALTA is like being in the UK but with the heat turned up. No wonder hundreds of Brits visit each year.
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Burn on the beach: Why North Devon is perfect for a week of exercise and diet
By Natalie Chalk. I CAN'T run up there! No one mentioned having to sprint up a vertical sand dune in Devon.
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Nibbling in Bologna, a city of bite-sized delights
PULL up a stool, dangle your legs and get stuck into the bar snacks. But first a drink...anywhere around the god Neptune.
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Mother-of-two dies of pancreatic cancer after doctors dismissed her fears
By Natalie Chalk. A WOMAN convinced she had pancreatic cancer died from the disease after it was missed by doctors, her sister said.
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The pocket watch that stopped a bullet killing a British solider during First World War
By Natalie Chalk. IT may not be able to tell the time any more...but this watch can certainly tell a story.
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Girl trapped in an indoors ‘bubble’ saved by sister’s bone marrow transplant
By Natalie Chalk. A GIRL who has lived in a “bubble” because of a rare immune disorder can play outside for the first time after a life-saving transplant from her sister.
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Could this village in Greater Manchester be the site of King Arthur’s Camelot?
By Natalie Chalk. KING Arthur’s mythical Camelot could lie beneath a suburban cul-de-sac near Wigan, a book claims.
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UK fights for the world’s oldest surviving bible
By Natalie Chalk. BRITISH historians face a race against time to raise £9million to buy the oldest surviving Bible.
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