All my travels in one place
Experience Denmark’s second city, Aarhus
DESPITE those Scandi-noir sagas and Sarah Lund jumpers, Denmark has been voted the happiest place on the planet.
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The challenge of my life Cycling through Umbria
THE words ‘bike’ and ‘holiday’ are not two that I would ever put together, but here I am with my ‘go as fast as I dare’.
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Living in Lima
AFTER backpacking around Peru Natalie Chalk is hooked but finds teaching English in Lima to be full of surprises.
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US flights take-off
THE special relationship between the UK and the US seems stronger than ever as America takes No1 spot this summer!
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Why all-inclusive really means meeting the diverse needs of your customers
THE travel sector needs to think beyond “one size fits all” to cash in on the huge untapped market of diverse customers.
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Zagreb Coffee And Zagrebačka Špica
WRITTEN by Natalie Chalk, a UK journalist: Where to drink coffee in Zagreb
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LOCAL tips Peru: Recommendations from locals & travel experts
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Pulling down the years: Thirteen centuries of Bulgarian history bulldozed as monument is razed
DEMOLITION begins on a statue that's stood as a symbol of Bulgaria’s 1300-year history.
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Beach you to it: The sandcastles built long before Machu Picchu
FOR more than a millennia these sandcastles have stood on the beaches under the burning Peruvian sun.
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My cracking time with the Magic Man
GODDAMN it, this isn’t going well. I’m lying face down on my hotel bed while a ‘magic man’ cracks my bones.
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That’s one Titanic bin round!
EVERYONE knows the Titanic sank after it hit an iceberg but it seems these dustmen refuse to believe.
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Meet the man who went on a gap year that never ended
THE Brit who went backpacking in Southeast Asia and never came home. That was 10 years ago.
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Insider’s Guide: Lima’s best picks from Limeños
WHERE to next in Lima? Where to drink Pisco Sour? How about Ceviche? This is where the locals go!
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My best shot: Shinjuku, Japan
THIS picture is from Tokyo. I was just walking around and taking the stairs down at Shinjuku Station.
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What a Discovery! Life onboard a Tui cruise ship
THIS view is one of the many reasons why record numbers of people are taking to the seas.
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