That’s one Titanic bin round!
Chalkmarks Bin men

EVERYONE knows the Titanic sank after it hit an iceberg but it seems these dustmen refuse to believe.

Residents near, far, wherever they are, can hear the truck from streets away as it blasts out the iconic Celine Dion tune My Heart Will Go On from the film’s soundtrack.

This romantic spectacle takes place regularly in the San Borja district of Lima, Peru, courtesy of the city council. 

What’s even more peculiar is that the instrumental version ‘goes on and on’ playing on repeat during the entire round.

One resident said: “It’s the most ROMANTIC recycling truck of all. It’s the same song. All the time. Non stop. It’s very VERY funny.”

In the footage filmed on 24th April, the driver can be seen jumping into his cab while black rubbish bags are hauled up into the truck. 

As the lorry turns the corner, you can see a large speaker attached to the front. Residents though just walk past as the heartbreaking tune wafts by.

Perhaps they’re a litter bit tired of it.

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  • Chalkmarks Sabah Tourism

Go ape when you see the orangutans in Sabah

December 12th, 2018|0 Comments

AS the banned Iceland advert has us hooked on orangutans this Christmas, where can you still see these amazing animals?

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  • Chalkmarks Pangkor Crab

Holy crab. It’s Jesus’ face in crustacean

August 28th, 2018|0 Comments

THE face of Jesus has been “miraculously” found on the shell of a crab in Malaysia.

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All at sea in Stockholm the city of islands

August 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

HERE’S something I didn’t know: Stockholm is a capital of 14 islands. This impresses me but I can’t find a Swede who agrees.

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