Chalkmarks Slow down in Sardinia

SOMETIMES you just need to sit down and do nothing for a little while to help slow life down.

This is why you go to Sardinia: la dolce vita.

Sometimes you just need to feel the sand between your toes and dive into the sea to help you realise how good life is. I am blissed out.

One hand is holding an espresso as I read my iPad with the other. This is a good morning.

How does an island like Sardinia make you live forever? I’m going native to find out!

This is made even better at Delphina Hotels. I’m in one of their five-star pads at the Valle Dell’Erica Resort Thalasso & SPA on the northern tip of the island.

Inside the rooms look like a holiday brochure and outside they’re hidden behind a world of plants. It’s like staying in a botanical garden. Rosemary grows everywhere, butterflies flutter, and being set on a peninsula the blue Mediterranean Sea bobs in the background.

Nope, I can’t imagine being any more relaxed.

As well as being a chilled Italian island, you’ll find some of the oldest people on the planet in Sardinia. Many live to be 100. It’s normal to have a great-grandmother and four generations in your family.

But these oldies aren’t frail. Their bodies are beautiful. They’re not fat or old looking and their eyes are clear.

The secret is in the food and no stress, apparently. I’m told this when exploring the narrow streets of Aggius, an ancient village with beautiful stone houses built 400 years ago and where tradition is strong.

One lady stands on her balcony waving down at me as I arrive. She talks me through her daily routine which starts around 8.30am. Her day’s then filled with chores starting with cooking for her family.

She eats up to five times a day, cooking with the local olive oil. She also drinks coffee and importantly she has one small glass of red wine, which comes from the island. She goes to bed around 9.30pm.

I can vibe with these centenarians. I ask her if she thinks I will live to be 100. She laughs and says it’s so easy.

She doesn’t know that life expectancy in the UK is around 79 for men and 83 for women. Back home to live a long healthy life, we’re told to exercise, we’re concerned about over drinking alcohol and caffeine and we’re told to eat our five-a-day.

She’s not worried about all that. Her lifestyle is far simpler and food is the same: fresh and clean. It makes sense.

Inspired by this woman, I’m going to take action. I’m going native. The message is clear: I need plenty of food, wine and sleep.

This will be easy to do back at the hotel. A few hours later and I’m in a hammock, looking at the seaview and sipping a glass of red. There’s a plate of meat and cheese nearby, just in case I need a nibble.

I’ll think about work later. I don’t want to do too much too soon.

Resort Valle dell’Erica Thalasso & SPA won Europe’s Leading Green Resort at the World Travel Awards 2019.

It is now hoping to hold the World’s Leading Green Resort title being announced next month (November) in Muscat, Oman.


5* Marinedda Hotel Thalasso & SPA – One of the biggest Thalasso Wellness resorts in the Mediterranean  

5* Valle Dell’Erica Resort Thalasso & SPA – Where I stayed at (in La Licciola Hotel) 

5* Capo D’Orso Hotel Thalasso & SPA – The most romantic resort 

All resorts are open from late May to late September.

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