Could this become the world’s most expensive wine?
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IT might not be on every wine lovers bucket list but a bottle of white from North Korea could soon become a highly sought after prize.

Holidaymakers visiting the South Korean capital Seoul are being urged to buy up the wine infused with Ginseng before stocks run out.

Imports have been banned since tensions rose between the two countries when North Korean leader Kim Jong-un began missile testing.

This will make owning a bottle even rarer from one of the world’s most secretive countries a collectors item.

The drink has been on sale inside the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), which separates the two countries. The no-man’s land has become popular for day-trippers wanting to visit the world’s most hostile border.

The gift shop sells collectors items including DMZ barbed wire fence, military uniforms and also the rare rice wine costing £17.

The writing on the packaging reads Koguryo Traditional Oriental Medicine, which suggest this style of wine is Baekseju made with ginseng – a highly expensive herb in East Asia. The root promises to bring health benefits from lowering blood sugar levels and boosting energy levels.

Koreans believe that drinking Baekseju will help you live to 100-years-old.

Brought out for celebrations, drinkers can expect a nutty flavour with a real kick at 25 per cent alcohol.

With quantities now limited it’s thought the bottles are tipped to soar in value in 2018 and may end up on sites such as eBay as collectables.

DMZ Tour guide said: “I recommend buying North Korean alcohol. Selling things from North Korea is illegal but only the DMZ has permission. Because of the bombing tests, all they have on the shelf is all they have left so this is the last chance to buy North Korean wine.”

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A bottle from one of the world’s most secretive countries!

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