2022: Where we were!
Chalkmarks, Venice, Italy

Good morning. This is where we travelled in 2022!

FROM Bristol and Liverpool to Paris and Venice, 2022 was the year of train travel for Chalkmarks … In January Boris Johnson was still in No10 and Omicron was the new Covid variant … By February we couldn’t wait any longer, it was time to travel … We jumped on the Eurostar from London to Paris mon amis … There’s an estimated 30,000 boulangeries in the French capital … Chalkmarks lived on croissants, pain au chocolats, viennoise and chausson au citron for a long weekend … For the April Bank Holiday we punted over to bright and sunny Cambridge … We explored the old colleges – King’s was an inspiring sight … We ate scones from Fitzbillies and found a place on the grass for a picnic alongside the River Cam … On the second Bank Holiday of the month we went to Oxford … At least 28 former prime minsters are fans of this university city with 13 attending Christ Church … Like a true scholar we had a pint in the Bear Inn, which dates back to 1242 … In May, Chalkmarks was invited to the back of Beyond, and the front, and all decks in between, on board Celebrity Cruises biggest ship as it launched from Southampton … By June we were in the Roman spa city of Bath and neighbouring city Bristol … Chalkmarks then got caught up in the airport chaos at Stansted Airport on our way to Iceland … Finally we made it to Akureyri for the i newspaper … The capital of North Iceland was ready to rival Reykjavík for fun in the midnight sun … This place is a gem … It’s filled with unique volcanic landscape where Nasa astronauts train, there are natural thermal spas where the water is 40C, there’s waterfalls, lava fields, puffins and a Eurovision museum … In August we visited the Beatles in Liverpool In September we had adventures with Robin Hood in Nottingham … We also started a two-week train tour to visit the old European capitals … We started in Bruges for the weekend  … Our programme of events involved a boat trip on the canals, a few drinks at ‘t Brugs Beertje and scoffing a chocolate tasting plate at De Proeverie … We then moved on to Antwerp … Known as the city of diamonds, at first we were distracted by the 100-metre sparkly gem on top of Antwerp’s Port House … then we were dazzled by the real things in hundreds of jewellery shops … Unfortunately, because Chalkmarks was on a budget we instead indulged in the other cultural pull: beer, which costs as little as a cup of coffee … We then whizzed over to Budapest to see Buda Castle, Parliament and St Stephen’s Basilica … By October we had reached Vienna … and, we ended in VeniceArriving by train is the best way for that classic first impression … The water taxis rush by on the Grand Canal looking like they’re straight out of a James Bond film … The gondolas are there too … And so, it was up the staircase and across the Rialto bridge we went – trundling our suitcase behind us … Someone take our picture, please … Here are some of our favourite pix of 2022!

Chalkmarks: Fish and chip baguette, Paris, France
February: Paris, France
Chalkmarks: Punting, Cambridge, England
April: Cambridge, England
Chalkmarks: Christ Church, Oxford University, England
April: Christ Church, Oxford University, England
Chalkmarks: Show-stopping entertainment: Elements in the Theatre on board Celebrity Cruises Beyond
May: The Theatre on board Celebrity Cruises Beyond

A whistle stop tour of our travels in 2022!

Pump House, Bath, England
June: Pump House, Bath, England
Chalkmarks: The hottest thing in Iceland: Geosea thermal waters
June: Geosea thermal waters, Húsavík, Iceland
Chalkmarks: Nottingham, England, 2022
September: Nottingham, England
Chalkmarks: Bruges, Belgium
September: Bruges, Belgium
Chalkmarks: Antwerp, Belgium, 2022
September: Antwerp, Belgium
Chalkmarks: Budapest, Hungary
September: Budapest, Hungary
Chalkmarks: Vienna, Austria, October 2022
October: Vienna, Austria
Chalkmarks, Venice, Italy
October: Crowds on the Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy