Newsletter: January 2021. Coming into focus: The outlook for 2021

Whew 2020 is history. Welcome to 2021!

In our December newsletter we promised to keep you up-to-date about when travel was ready to take off. Here we bring you the highlights from the travel and tourism events this month.

The UK is expected to rebound this summer with a forecast that tourism could reach 2019 levels. However this won’t be a full recovery, that is not expected until 2024, according to data company STR.

All the experts predict travel returning around Easter time and the beginning of May. The data already backs this up.

January: fast facts

easyJet reports summer bookings are up 250 per cent.

TUI says 50 per cent of their bookings are by over-50s following hopes of a summer vaccine.

7 in 10 consumers say they are confident to book if they’re offered flexibility.

Holiday Cottages say Easter bookings are up 37 per cent on this time last year.

Cardiff sees a spike in hotel bookings for June events.

Exeter, Liverpool and Bath saw the highest hotel occupancy at the end of last year.

Take note: A travel boom is predicted for the UK and Germany, which will outperform the rest of Europe. Southern Europe is expected to struggle in 2021. Read on for more.

Business on the books: They said we wanted to get back to nature but so far it’s concerts and conferences that are driving up hotel demand. Rooms in Glasgow have SOLD OUT in November. Here’s the scoop!

The travel makers: Dubai became the No1 destination success story of 2020 with their quarantine-free testing on arrival strategy. Take me there!

Global trust: For the first time businesses are the most trusted institutions is society overtaking governments and NGO’s. Companies are seen as “deeply competent but also increasingly ethnical”. What we know!

Liberation: Wednesday 27th January marks Holocaust Memorial Day when we remember those murdered and hear from the survivors. Our journey to Auschwitz-Birkenau!

When confidence return, bookings will come quick.

“Do we stay open, do we close? It’s likely that we are going to see some tough performance for the months ahead while [Covid-19] cases remain high and the impact of vaccine really starts to kick in. But I do think people out there are just waiting for the opportunity to be able to book travel. There is and will be a huge amount of pent up demand which will be released quickly,” 
STR’s international business managing director Robin Rossmann.

Covid-safe travel!
Will we need a
vaccination passport?

“We will certainly see some passport health certificate – and technology will be on our side on this. What we don’t agree with is vaccines being mandatory or a requirement to travel. While governments wants to protect their population, I think it is discriminatory. There will be groups that will be excluded like the young that might not get a vaccine in the first 12 months,” World Travel & Tourism Council’s managing director Virginia Messina.

Where do we go from here?

The simple answer is outdoors. If 2020 was about being indoors then this year is about getting outside. But when, where and how?

The Art’s Club spoke to a panel of travel writers and editors who shared their hopes and fears about 2021 and also what they’ll be writing about!

The impact of vaccinated travellers from rich nations visiting poorer countries and remote regions where people are still very ill.

New Zealand and other countries with low Covid cases could become holiday hotspots when they reopen. 

Holidaymakers, who had their trips postponed in 2020, wanting to rebook but facing limited capacity.

Travel companies that invest in sustainability and local communities will attract younger consumers who are more concerned about climate change.

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There was a young traveller from Britain
Who had to stay home cos’ of the lock in
When Covid came along
She said this is too long 

When can I get out of my kitchen?

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