Let’s get away in May: The top holiday hotspots!
Chalkmarks: Vienna, Austria, October 2022

Good morning. This is what happened in the world of travel this week: Friday 12th April 2024

FINNS are buzzing and that’s because they’ve been voted the world’s happiest country again… for the seventh year in a row. The UK ranked 20th in the World Happiness Report. So step away from clicking a trip to Spain, it came 36th. How about turning your travels upside down? Instead of heading south, go north and visit happy Helsinki. And if you’re worried it’ll be cold, don’t be. Across the country they have more than three million saunas to keep you warm. There are just 2,500 in the UK. The culture of having a sauna is so big in Finland it’s protected by Unesco. They’re even good for you. Best of all you don’t need to pack a towel, you just need your birthday bathing suit. Now, that is steamy! Keep scrolling, this week’s happy headlines are in. 

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Heating up: News just in regarding where to travel in May. The experts at Which? have checked the weather forecasts and chosen the Lake District (13C), Champagne, France (18C), Sicily, Italy (21C), Memphis, US (27C), Tbilisi, Georgia (23C), and Bali, Indonesia (30C).

More of this: Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and the biggest region in Italy. It’s home to many of Europe’s volcanoes – Etna being the biggest, Vulcano the stinkiest and Stromboli one of the most active on earth. The Valley of the Temples is older than the Acropolis in AthensThe Aeolian islands are outrageously stunning but so few tourists make it there. And if all this is not enough, Palermo has the best pizza on the planet and in Catania they eat ice (granita) for breakfast. Irresistible! Watch this to find out where to start. 

Postcard from Bali: We write to you watching a volcano erupting on Bali. We’re on Gili Trawangan (better known as Gili T), which is the next island along, sitting on a sandy beach looking across at the smoking gun of Mount Agung. The weather is gorgeous. It’s early December and the sun is beating down. The Indian Ocean dazzles pale blue and the water’s so shallow you can walk for half a mile and it still doesn’t reach your knees. Behind us, wild palm trees blow in the breeze and the bars and restaurants are playing music. Beyond that there’s the sound of hoofs and bells from the horse-drawn carriages – the only transport on the island. We look at Agung. It looks at us. It could go bang any second now.  A volcano won’t spoil our holiday. It’s gonna be a blast. Wish you were here

This morning: Gatwick has been named the worst airport for flight delays – on average they ran 27 minutes late in 2023, according to the Civil Aviation Authority. The airport said it was working to improve its performance. Luton Airport came second (23 minutes late) and Manchester Airport third (22 minutes late). But, a flight has to be at least 2 hours delayed before any compensation kicks in. PA Media broke the news.

Welcome to Heathrow: Two planes had a bit of a prang on Saturday at Heathrow. An empty Virgin flight being taxied along the tarmac clipped the wing of a stationary British Airways aircraft. No one knows why, so there’s an investigation. Both planes were taken out of service. Sky News has the footage.

Over at air traffic control: Remember how the National Air Traffic Service (Nats) sparked out last August Bank Holiday leaving planes grounded and airline bosses very angry they had to pay out millions in hotels and meals for passengers? Well, Nats now has a new chairman – the former boss of Rolls-Royce will start later in the year. Wonder what he’ll do first? The FT has more.

Have you seen our pictures: Our fantastic travel photos, which capture some of our favourite destinations around the world, are now available for sale on Alamy. Woohoo!

Disgusting but amazing: Those were the two words from boss of the world’s first factory that will turn poo into jet fuel. The green energy plant is due to open in Harwich, Essex, and will start pumping out fuel by 2028. Firefly boss James Hygate told the BBC: “We’re turning sewage into jet fuel. I can’t really think of many things that are cooler than that.” Apparently there’s enough biosolids in the UK to satisfy half the demand for biofuel by 2030. Best not ask too many more questions tbh!

This time last year: Wizz Air named worst airline for flight delays for the second year running: Wizz Air took the crown for the longest delays from UK airports … On average their flights took off 46 minutes and 6 seconds late … This beats 2022 when their planes ran just 14 minutes and 24 seconds behind schedule … The UK Government has put forward seven sites to be placed on Unesco’s World Heritage Status list … These include the ancient walled city of York including its medieval Minister Cathedral, Sky News had the details … We were told to make way for the marching bands coming up over the hill on Saturday 6th May for the crowning of king Charles … The 1.3 mile procession route was finally announced … Charles and Camilla would travel in the Diamond Jubilee State Coach from Buckingham Palace and make their away along the Mall through Admiralty Arch to arrive at Westminster Abbey at 11am … The new monarch would then spread his joy on the socials with a cute purple crown emoji, designed especially for the big day.

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