Chalkmarks: Here’s your Christmas Eve newsletter

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

I won’t rehash it here as I’m sure you’re all caught up but let’s just say more people went to Barnard Castle than made it to an airport.

I am grateful to everyone who worked with me this year to put out some exclusive stories. Everyone in the travel industry worked their boots off to keep people moving. We were there to cover it all: during the struggles, the reopenings and reporting on plans for 2021.

We’ll have a Getting out in Nature series for January with the first stop the Rila Lakes in Bulgaria. 

As Chalkmarks went from strength to strength, I was asked to give a 10:1 interview with the fabulous Roxhill Media talking about how PRs and travel journalists can work closer together. Over here on YouTube!

If you have a story or want to work with us in 2021 drop me an email!

Helping each other survive!

Where’s everyone travelling in 2021: The data is out! Thousands of people made it off the sofa to their laptops to book a holiday for next year. Spain is the winner with three destinations making the Top 10.

What about Brexit? Apparently a deal is on the Christmas table! From 1st January Brits are going to be treated very differently at EU borders. Here’s what we know!

How lockdown affected British tourism: While we heard about the impact on planes and overseas travel, the UK coach tourism sector was the driving force behind our summer staycations. We told the story.

Cooking makes me hungry: At the beginning of December Singapore’s street food culture was recognised by Unesco. Alexa take me there!

Biscuits for tea? Not anymore! We are no longer beach-loving, beer-swilling Brits abroad but high-spending, wine-drinking, sophisticated travellers. It’s crazy but it’s true. The world has spoken. Here’s the scoop!

Thank you for reading this year!

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. We’ll speak in 2021!


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