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2021: The great escape!

THERE will be huge pent up demand to travel in 2021. Every government minister, expert and company boss said these exact words at WTM. There was a session that forecast holiday bookings would surge in January for travel in September. Data also revealed that people would be willing to spend more on a holiday next year. Read all about it here!

Good news travels fast: The industry needs to hone in on what’s working. The experts tell us that people are hungry for information but they are nervous too. Keep your destination in the forefront of people’s minds for when they’re ready to book. This piece!

Quick recap: All the research points to travellers wanting to be outdoors and in nature. This means there’s a shift happening away from busy beach resorts and city getaways to new places, rural areas, slower travel and fewer trips. Other trends include wellness, sustainability and the environment. Shake up!

A piece I loved writing: Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a treat. I’ve used my time recently to write up some of my past adventures. This experience was truly one of the most moving. I shall not easily forget Siem Reap.

I love news: Take a look at where you will find our latest news and features. Please add me to your press release database. We love to cover: when you are reopening, what you are promoting for 2021, what new trends are emerging following the pandemic (travellers are biking more than beaching – this should be a word!) and also comment. We also like to feature culture and heritage.

We have a growing audience and love to tell people where they CAN travel rather than where they can’t!

Thanks for reading and happy 2021!


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