Tourists turned away as Mediterranean heatwave leaves island short of water
Chalkmarks: Slow down in Sardinia, Italy

Good morning. This is what happened in the world of travel this week: Friday 21st June 2024

ARISE the sun. It’s going to be getting hotter on this lil’old island from here on out. It’s official. We heard it on the telly. And it’s gonna be a proper fry-up too, 28C says the Met Office. If you’ve been feeling well jel of others getting away to Ibiza, there’s no need now. Holidays have come to Britain. It’s right on our doorstep. The whole country is set to turn red. Is that a prediction? Side-eye emoji. It’s time for bangles and sandals. It’s time for Aperol spritz. No, you’re right, it’s time for Pimms. Find a rooftop. Strike a pose. It’s summer. After weeks of rain, don’t just sit there, get out there, the nights have already started to get shorter. Here’s this week’s travel headlines. Do drink up!

You’ve reached your destination!

The Italian job: It’s 39C in Sicily today which is why B&Bs are turning tourists away. Water on the island is being rationed. With an African anticyclone heading towards the Mediterranean, holidaymakers in Agrigento, famous for the ancient Valley of the Temples, are being turned away because there’s not enough water for agriculture, let alone for showers or drinking reports The Times. And it is only June. With temperatures across Italy set to rise this summer, Rome has planted palm trees at bus stops for shade and shelter.

Wear sunscreen! If we could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.
The effectiveness of two cheap, supermarket sunscreens has been proven to be the best by Which? magazine. Lidl’s Cien Sun Spray SPF30, at £3.29, “triumphed” in passing all the SPF and UVA checks as did Aldi’s Lacura SPF30 Sun Lotion at £2.49. Three big brands though did not perform. They wouldn’t cover the tip of an iceberg apparently. Whichever you buy, put it on, and often. Never skimp, slap it on.

Plane mischief: Just Stop Oil eco-activists ripped into the fence at Stansted Airport on Thursday, and sprayed paint two private jets orange. They were hoping to vandalise Tay Tay Swift’s private plane, which had landed earlier ahead of her Eras Tour in London, but it turned out it wasn’t there. Two women, protesting for an end to the use of fossil fuels by 2030, were arrested. The airport seemed quiet on the security of the airport and how two people were able to easily gain access to the airfield. The Guardian had the story.

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Postcard from Bali: We write to you watching a volcano erupting on Bali. I’m on Gili Trawangan, which is the next island along, sitting on a sandy beach looking across at the smoking gun of Mount Agung. The weather is gorgeous. It’s early December and the sun is beating down. The Indian Ocean dazzles pale blue and the water’s so shallow you can walk far out and it still doesn’t reach your knees. Behind us, wild palm trees blow in the breeze and the bars and restaurants are playing music. Beyond that there’s the sound of hoofs and bells from the horse-drawn carriages – the only transport on the island. We look at Agung. It looks at us. It could go bang any second now.  A volcano won’t spoil our holiday. It’s gonna be a blast. Wish you were here

Take the ‘train’ to the Lake District… by bus! Train firm Avanti West Coast has added a bus service between Penrith and Keswick – its former station closed in 1972 – to boost car-free journeys. The 30-minute bus journey being operated by Stagecoach costs an extra £2, and can be bought when buying your train ticket. Gill Haigh from Cumbria Tourism, said the transfer will deliver tourists “right into the heart of the town”. Rail Business UK has the details.

You be the prince: A £369 million renovation of the gloomy and dated east wing at Buckingham Palace is ready to reopen to the public on Monday, 15th July. Some 190 miles of electrical cables and 40,000 floorboards have been replaced in a six-year refurbishment. The East Wing is famous for facing the Mall, where the Royal Family waves at crowds from the balcony. Tickets have already sold out. A royal source told the Daily Mail: “The King wants it to be ‘the people’s palace’. He is very keen to open it up to the public through garden parties, tours and the extended summer opening, and we will continue to find more ways to do this.”

This time last year: Ferries go green and cruises boom but is all this travel pushing up inflation? Saga announced that the cruise-ship industry was earning huge profits in the post-Covid boom … It said eight in 10 spots on its ocean cruises for the over-50s were booked up … The prize for the best new ship went to P&O Ferries which launched the world’s largest hybrid and double-ended ferry sailing from Dover to Calais … UK sunseekers were warned to stay out of water if they were heading to Blackpool … A ‘no-swim’ message went out across Lancashire after sewage was leaked into the sea following a storm … Glastonbury was wet … It didn’t though dampen the spirits for the thousands who filed in, pitching their tents … And over on the Isle of Wight visitors were complaining that nudists were spoiling their family holidays by stripping off and lying on the beaches … The National Portrait Gallery reopened having been closed for three years for a £41.3 million refurb … And Atol celebrated 50 years of coming to the rescue of thousands of holidaymakers when things go wrong.

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