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I ALWAYS thought there were just three choices when it came to sparkling wine. Who knew the Germans had Sext?
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IT’S Saturday morning in Zagreb and the streets have turned into a catwalk. People have dressed to impress.
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There’s lots to like when you travel by bike in Umbria
THE words bike and holiday are not two that I had ever put together. But I did it. I’ve cycled across Umbria.
Could this become the world’s most expensive wine?
IT might not be on every wine lovers bucket list but a bottle from North Korea could soon become highly sought after.
Nuzzled by the largest land animal on earth
WE leave at 6.30am without breakfast, only hot water bottles and blankets heading out on a wild South African safari.
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    Zoom in: Hanoi, Vietnam
    THIS is my favourite picture from Hanoi. This man lives on the North-South railway line aka Train Street.

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