There’s lots to like when you travel by bike in Umbria
The world on a plate in Soho
Drinking the marvels of mellow Moravia
Murder she wrote: But even Agatha Christie fell for the rugged charms of Slovenia
Lovely bubbly down Spain’s sparkling Cava trail
Burn on the beach: Why North Devon is perfect for a week of exercise and diet
When travel is the mantra
Prepare for adventure
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The world on a plate in Soho
WHAT if you had just one night in London and you didn’t want to waste time? That’s where Eating London Tours comes in.
When it comes to ticking holiday boxes nowhere beats Mallorca
THE point of Mallorca is to let the island work its magic. I’m in Port de Pollensa - popular with Brits since the 1930s.
Drinking the marvels of mellow Moravia
PLUM brandy is poised to become the next big discovery. This Czech spirit is still made to the recipe from the 17th century.
Murder she wrote: But even Agatha Christie fell for the rugged charms of Slovenia
MY heart is pounding. I’m in the middle of a forest wanting to run for my life. Shall I jump?
Arctic isles where it is cool to surf
I GET hit by a barrelling wave. It’s small in size but knocks me off my surfboard as I attempt to stand up.
New way to see old Prague
I’M starting to wobble. I’m in the Czech Republic but it’s not their famous beer that’s to blame. It's the Segway!
A trilogy of tartan treats in Aberdeen
FOR a moment I lose myself. I am drinking Scotch straight from the cask.  All of a sudden comes a roar of fire.
Sun, sea and sit-ups…beach bootcamp in Antigua
I CAN feel the sweat down my neck, my heart is racing and my thighs are burning. I've reached the top of Antigua.
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    THIS is my favourite picture from Hanoi. This man lives on the North-South railway line aka Train Street.

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