Why my home in Dalmatia had a Split personality
Hvar got sun news for you!
Out of war comes a peace of art
Leave behind the drama, it’s calmer in Varna
Raising the Olympic bar on chocolate in Lausanne
There’s lots to like when you travel by bike in Umbria
When travel is the mantra
Prepare for adventure
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Why my home in Dalmatia had a Split personality
THIS is where I stayed in a socialist tower covered in graffiti in Croatia better known as the gateway to the islands.
Hvar got sun news for you!
HVAR a gorgeous Croatian island in the Adriatic known as the sunniest spot in Europe with around 115 sunny days each year.
Out of war comes a peace of art
NENO Mikulic is Split’s favourite sculptor. The Croatian artist is a former solider who served during the 1991-1995 War.
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