Pix of the trip: Venice
Chalkmarks, Venice, Italy

THE moment you see Venice for the first time. Goosebumps. Arriving by train is the best way for that first impression. And you don’t have to go looking for Venice: A kingdom of palatial buildings is there, in front of the train station. The water taxis rush by on the Grand Canal looking like they’re straight out of a James Bond film – and the captains all look like male models. The gondolas are there too. It’s that classic image. We need a minute! And everyone arriving is the same. Most people are standing around, just looking around. And so, it’s up the staircase and across the  Rialto bridge we go – trundling our suitcase behind us. We’re so excited. We channel our inner Bond girl – someone take our picture, please! 

Here are some of our favourite pictures from Venice!

Simply grand: Gondola on the Venice waterway

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Tradition thrives: Gondolas and water taxis on the Grand Canal
Depth in Venice: A row of gondolas in front of the Rialto Bridge
Hyperlapse on the Grand Canal: Press play
Chalkmarks, Venice, Italy
It this for real: A water taxi on the Grand Canal with the Rialto bridge behind
Bossing it on the bridge: Crowds on the Rialto Bridge
Busy beauty spot: Water taxis on the Grand Canal, Venice
Sunset: Last cab home
Mind your head: Gondolier ducking under a bridge
Earning their stripes: Gondoliers taking tourists down the small waterways in Venice
Chalkmarks, Venice, Italy
Still in business: Two gondoliers on the smaller waterways
Spritz pix: Tourist takes a selfie with an Aperol
Making a ripple: A gondolier on the narrow waterways